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100% free

OA Pay has integration which cuts across all mobile networks and local banks allowing you to send money with no hidden charges to mobile wallets or bank accounts.

Wondering how it works?

You can now transfer money to your loved ones in just a few taps and a few seconds.


Quick Sign up

Sign up OA Pay through our quick and easy steps. A few Important checks and you are all set to Transfer Money.


Transfer Money

Simply input the amount you want to send


Add Recipient

Add all the correct details of your recipient e.g. phone number, full name, and click send.

Why OA Pay?

OA Pay is quickly gathering a reputation as a trusted International Money Transfer Service for money transfers from the United Kingdom and United States to Africa.

Why OA Pay hero
Quick transfers

Money Transfers With OA Pay are executed rapidly and our support team is always happy to assist with your queries/ issues.

Zero transfer charge

We charge NO COMMISSION on your transfers. With OA Pay, we charge zero commission on any money transfers you make on our platform. We do not take any cuts out of what you transfer. The equivalent of the amount sent will be received by your recipient.

Safe and secure

Your Personal Data is Fully Encrypted and always kept safe. OA Pay’s platform is fully secure for all your International Money Transfers.

What people are saying about us

“That app is 10 million times better. I’m not even gonna delay it anymore”

-Miss Sophie

“1st class service indeed. Cheers”

-Remi Raymore



What money transfer services does OAPay offer?

OA Pay is one of Africa’s leading money transfer services for remittances to Bank Accounts and Mobile Money Accounts from the UK to Ghana currently.

We are soon expanding to other countries in Africa.

Must I Register on the platform (webapp/ mobile app) to be able to use the service?

Yes, you will need to register on OA Pay to re-authenticate your new account to enjoy our upgraded remittance service. This also applies to users migrating from QuickPAA.

What document/information will be required when sending money on the platform?
  • Full Name

  • Email Address

  • Telephone Number

  • A valid ID

  • Proof of Address

  • Date of Birth

  • Source of funds (£3000 and above)

Which countries can I transfer money to using this service?

We are currently operational in transferring money from the UK to Ghana but we are soon expanding to other countries in Africa as well. Stay tuned!

Can I receive my money transfer remittance in the foreign currency in which it was sent?

No, we’re afraid not. You can only receive your money in the local currency of recipient's country.